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Program Description

Central's Blue Streak Program was developed over 30 years ago and is still going strong today. Fueled by quality independent agents, this unique force of agencies is the heart of Central's Personal Lines.

Blue Streak Program

Blue Streak was the result of Central's search for a way to:

  1. Make personal lines easier for an agency to handle
  2. Increase market share for agency and company
  3. Make a long term profit in personal lines.

A survey of members of the National Association of Independent Insurance Agents revealed that agencies placed:

  • 40% of their personal lines with their lead carrier
  • 40% with the number two carrier
  • 20% split among all other carriers

We looked at our own experience and found that as personal lines premiums grew, the loss ratio dropped until we reached the point of writing 40% of the agency's personal lines volume. With this information, we set an objective to earn 40% of personal lines written by our Blue Streak agents.

Two other surveys revealed that if a company would provide a stable market, consistent service and underwriting authority, agencies would consider them for their top personal lines market.

With all this in mind, we designed the Blue Streak program to give agents the tools they need for us to become their top personal lines company.

Benefits of the Blue Streak Program include:

  • Recognition as a top performing Personal Lines agency partner.
  • Capacity Commitment; Blue Streak agents are given priority when allocating capacity for production of profitable business. Should capacity be limited in any way, Blue Streak agents will have first priority for any available personal lines capacity.
  • Priority policy service provided by your own designated Personal Lines Services representative.
  • Priority assignment of new claims and priority in making contact with the policyholder.
  • Underwriting authority in the form of your own Seal of Confidence for a risk which is of good quality, but does not currently meet our underwriting criteria.
  • Quarterly agency visits to review progress on mutual objectives and to update agency staff on new products, programs and services.
  • Recognition as a member of the Blue Streak Partners meetings as well as eligibility to participate in these biennial meetings.
  • Annual awards are given to top performing agencies within the program providing further recognition to you among Central's agents and within your community.
  • Marketing Assistance in the form of:
    • Advertising Materials
    • Special Brochures
    • Minimum annual co-op funds to be used for advertising, marketing, educational or computer hardware/software
  • Policyholder mailings to your customers recognizing the agency as a top performing agency partner.
  • Recognition as a Blue Streak agency on our web site agency locator.
  • Broader Claims Draft Authority. Blue Streak agencies are eligible for draft authority of $5,000 and issued special drafts recognizing your status as a Blue Streak agent.
  • Claims assistance is available for auto physical damage claims to be paid by draft.
  • Agency training for newly hired agency personnel on Central's products, programs, systems and services will be provided by your Personal Lines Underwriter.
  • Blue Streak agents are provided a special Blue Streak Agency Forum where Blue Streak agency underwriters can gather together, share ideas and solve problems.
  • New personal lines producers who are hired in Blue Streak agencies are eligible to attend Central's producers training school.
  • Access to a program through Central Insurex that allows Blue Streak agencies to place business in markets not currently available — including Florida, South Carolina, Hawaii, and other states.
  • Blue Streak agencies enjoy a significant discount on continuing education offerings from RedEd's Virtual University.

To gain initial entry to and continuance on the Blue Streak program, agencies must:

  • Write a minimum of $1,000,000 in profitable, personal lines business with Central.
  • Have been active with Central for at least three years.
  • Be profitable on a three-year basis to attain and retain Blue Streak status.
  • Have a mix of business between auto and home not exceeding 60% in either line.
  • Allow a key person in the agency to administer the program.

After becoming a Blue Streak agent, agencies commit to:

  • Allow Central to earn 40% of its Personal Lines premium volume and become the number one or number two personal lines company in the agency.
  • Place five or more new Personal Lines packaged accounts (ten policies) per month with Central.
  • Have a member of its staff trained as the agencies' Blue Streak Agency Underwriter and to give that person the authority to underwrite for acceptability all agency new business applications.
  • Obtain consumer information reports prior to binding coverage with Central.
  • Work with Central to resolve all underwriting problems and any issues of unprofitability.
Policy Service

One of the core benefits of being a Blue Streak agency is embodied by the service commitment we offer to you. Since the program began in 1979, our service commitment to you is to provide world-class customer service – delivered faster than a blue streak of lightning. That commitment continues today!

One of the ways we deliver this commitment is by providing you personalized service. As a Blue Streak agency, you have a dedicated Personal Lines Service representative who is assigned as your agency's contact for all service items.

Over the years, technology has altered how agencies conduct business with their carriers. What was once an exclusively paper environment has transitioned to first fax, then email and now heavy use of the internet to process service transactions. One constant throughout these years of change continues today: as a Blue Streak agent, you'll always have direct access to your assigned Personal Lines Underwriter or Personal Lines Services representative. Because of your unique Blue Streak status, you're only a phone call or email away from having your servicing needs handled by the underwriting and service partner you know and trust.

Another way we provide exceptional customer service to our valued Blue Streak agency partners is through the following service and underwriting enhancements:

    Policy Service
  • Waiver of good student documentation.
  • No auditing of appraisals that are typically required for individual scheduled items between $10,000 and $49,999 in value.
  • Agency audit conducted every five years instead of every three years.
  • Underwriting authority in the form of your own Seal of Confidence for a risk which is of good quality, but does not meet our Target Market.
  • Blue Streak agents have binding authority on individual scheduled items up to $100,000 in value.
  • In states where the Repair or Replacement Cost endorsement is available, Blue Streak agents are permitted to use the endorsement on any home provided the home is built during the last 40 years.
  • Access to the Blue Streak Agency Forum, where Blue Streak agency underwriters can share ideas and solve problems.
  • Agency training for newly-hired agency personnel on Central's products, programs, systems and services is available.
  • Non-payment of premium binding authority: if the agency has not previously been informed by the company of a payment or underwriting problem with an account, the agent may bind coverage for 72 hours in the event of a cancellation for nonpayment of premium. This binder period allows you to contact Accounts Receivable or Underwriting to determine if Central can reinstate coverage. The binder may be oral or written but in no case may it exceed 72 hours.

At Central, we're proud of our Blue Streak program and are dedicated to ensuring that it continues to provide you the world class service you expect – faster than a blue streak of lightning.

Blue Streak Review

What is the Blue Streak Review? It's a quarterly meeting between agency and company. The purpose of the Blue Streak Review is two-fold:

  1. It's an excellent method of making sure the lines of communication stay open, problems are solved and questions are answered. It's a positive exchange of ideas.
  2. It's our way of helping you continue to perform your underwriting responsibilities in a way that enables the agency and the company to maintain a profitable growth pattern.

Components of the Review

Before the Review, your Personal Lines Underwriter analyzes your agency's Model Book of Business reports as well as other underwriting and management reports. Once this information is reviewed and analyzed, the Underwriter contacts your agency to set a date and time for the quarterly Review.

During the Review, important book of business and profitability reports are shared with you, enabling you to see the results of your agency's performance firsthand. In addition, your Personal Lines Underwriter is also available to answer any underwriting questions you or others in your agency may have. In many Review visits, specialized agency training is provided as the need arises. We encourage you to check with other agency personnel prior to the Review in order develop a complete list of questions, comments, concerns or training needs that can be addressed during the Review.

Upon completion of the Review, a recap letter is written which summarizes and documents the discussion as well as the components of the Review. A copy of this letter is provided to you and to your agency's President.


A key component of the program is that the Blue Streak Review is conducted quarterly by your Personal Lines Underwriter. Your Marketing Manager who has been through the Blue Streak training program may conduct it at other times under the direction of your Underwriter.

There may be times when you or your Personal Lines Underwriter may not have specific underwriting items to discuss; however, the Review is initiated. We want to be available to answer questions, discuss product and program changes, conduct training, discuss service or claims issues or anything else that you would like to share with us during the Review.

We will visit you in your office at least two times per year. At other times, the Review may be conducted over the phone. In either case, a recap letter is always provided in order to document the discussion.

If you have problems, questions or issues that need to be addressed prior to a Review, it's not necessary to wait for the quarterly session. Call your Personal Lines Underwriter whenever the need arises.

Other recipients of the Review

Is Central interested in the results of the Review and what you have to say about our company? Absolutely! The top management of the company reviews each Blue Streak Review recap letter each quarter.


The Blue Streak Review has been an integral part of Blue Streak since the program's inception. In fact, we believe it's one of the primary reasons the program has enjoyed success and endured for so long. The quarterly Blue Streak Review process is a positive mechanism for keeping our mutual relationship vibrant and healthy. Thank you for partnering with us in this way!

Blue Streak Seminar History
Seal of Confidence

Blue Streak Seal of Confidence One of the key benefits you receive as a Blue Streak Underwriter is the ability to approve a risk that exceeds the criteria listed in our Agent's Binding Authority for Personal Automobile and Homeowners business (subject to restrictions listed below). We know through experience that in your role as Blue Streak Underwriter, you're in a better position to underwrite business due to your personal knowledge of the risk!

Because of our trust in your underwriting judgment, we developed the Seal of Confidence to give you a powerful tool to use on new business submissions which based on your experience are quality risks with profit potential, but for one reason or another does not qualify according to our Binding Authority criteria and Target Market guidelines.


We want you to use your exclusive Blue Streak underwriting authority because you've earned it! Using the Seal is very easy. Here's how it works:

When you receive an underwriting edit which indicates a risk is outside our target market yet you desire to place the business with Central because of its profit potential, you've now identified an opportunity to use your Seal of Confidence underwriting authority! If this is your decision, simply return to the initial quote screen and add the Seal by answering "Yes" to "Does the Seal of Confidence apply to this quote?" Once added, the Seal waives all underwriting edits and you're able to move forward with the quote.*

Upon entry into Central's policy application and issuance system, you'll find a question in the General Questions/Remarks section in which you'll be asked to provide the below information regarding your use of the Seal of Confidence:

  1. Why the risk would normally not be accepted.
  2. The reason this application should be accepted.
  3. The name of the Blue Streak Agency Underwriter authorizing the Seal of Confidence.

Once a quarter, your Personal Lines Underwriter will review your agency's use of the Seal of Confidence to ensure that its use falls within program parameters.


When used, the Seal of Confidence waives all new business underwriting edits.* However, the Seal of Confidence should not be used to write risks of the following classes that fall outside of Central's target market:

  • Homeowners
    • Vicious dogs, exotic pets or any breed listed.
    • Vacant dwellings.
    • Log homes.
    • Homes of unusual construction or modification.
    • Mobile homes.
    • Homes with unfenced swimming pools.
    • Exposures with a diving board, slide, raft or inflatable trampoline used with a pond or lake.
    • Spec homes.
    • Homes under construction or renovation where the homeowner presides as general contractor.
    • Homes where the primary heat is fireplace, portable heater, wood/pellet stove, wall unit, non-professionally installed or no primary heat source.
    • Homes with knob & tube wiring.
    • Risks with underground fuel storage tanks. Homes currently for sale. In-home daycares.

  • Automobile
    • Vehicles used for delivery purposes.
    • Vehicles used in racing, speeding, jumping or demolition contests.
    • Business-use vehicles other than those indicated as acceptable in the Binding Authority.
    • Vehicles which represent extraordinary expense under physical damage coverage such as Acura NSX, Aston Martin, Bentley, Cobra, Delorean, Dodge Viper, Excalibur, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Pantini, Rolls-Royce, grey market imports or kit cars.
    • Motorhomes leased and rented to others.
    • Motorcycles licensed for road use and motorcycles over 200 c.c.
    • Recreational trailers over 40' in length.
    • 3-wheeled all-terrain-vehicles.

  • All Dwelling policies.
  • All Personal Umbrella policies.
  • All Renewal policies.

If you are ever in doubt about whether a Seal should be used, please contact your Personal Lines Underwriter.

Examples of Appropriate Seal Use

An applicant who doesn't own any personal autos (provided a company car) is being quoted a mono-line homeowners policy. He's had two minor weather-related losses in the last three years but has taken measures to mitigate future losses, including a new roof on his home and a $1,500 all-perils deductible.

An insured has homeowners and dwelling policies with Central and seeks to insure her autos with Central. The applicant has one minor collision loss within the last three years and another $5,000 property damage claim that's almost three years old.

Examples of Inappropriate Seal Use

The insureds have a homeowner's policy with Central and wish to place their automobile with us. The homeowner's policy has a water damage claim as well as a theft loss with Central in the previous five years, and they recently had two collision losses and two minor comprehensive claims with the prior automobile carrier. When underwriting this submission on an account basis, the risk's prior loss activity is probably the best overall indicator of what can be expected in the future. As such, it's likely that this will not be a profitable account going forward for either Central or the agency, and the use of the Seal of Confidence is not appropriate.

You desire to Seal a Central renewal risk for a long-time customer who is being non-renewed due to a recent $75,000 bodily injury and property damage auto accident along with two major speeding violations (both speeding 85 in a 60 mph zone). The agency's Seal of Confidence underwriting authority isn't available to be used on renewal business, therefore its use is not appropriate.

* The Blue Streak Seal of Confidence may not be used to waive any state's Catastrophe Management program requirements, nor may it be used to waive North Carolina Consent-to-Rate requirements.


Within the Blue Streak program we like to recognize those agents who have exceeded our expectations in several areas.

Blue Streak Agency of the Year Award

This award, the highest honor given by Blue Streak, recognizes the agency in each region which achieves outstanding results in several categories, including profit, retention, production, and packaging.

The 2015 winners are:

National Blue Streak Agency of the Year
Gans & Smith Insurance Agency Inc. in Longview, Texas
Central Regional Agency of the Year
Andres O'Neil & Lowe Agency in Bryan, Ohio
Northeast Regional Agency of the Year
Tracy-Driscoll Company in Bristol, Connecticut
Southeast Regional Agencies of the Year
Senn Dunn Insurance, a Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC in Greensboro, North Carolina
Cohen-Bailie Insurance in Augusta, Georgia
Gans & Smith Insurance
Andres O'Neil & Lowe Agency
Tracy-Driscoll Company
Senn Dunn Insurance
Cohen-Bailie Insurance
Blue Streak Circle of Achievement / Retention Award

The average cost of a policy declines and its profitability increases substantially with policy retention. Retention is key to agency/company profitability. A national agency cost study that compared new business development relative to on-going service costs for existing business revealed one time costs (placement plus cancellation) ranged from two to four times the on-going yearly costs to service an account.

The Blue Streak Circle of Achievement Retention Award is presented annually to an agency within each region for superior Personal Lines service and retention performance.

Retention of good business is a vital matter to Central and its agents. That is why we reward top Blue Streak agents for outstanding performance in this area. We will continue to study recommendations and implement new programs to help you retain your good business.

The 2015 winners are:

Central Regional Office
Kalmbaugh Insurance, Westerville, Ohio
Northeast Regional Office
Fraleigh & Gray Inc., Glastonbury, Connecticut
Southeast Regional Office
Manry & Heston Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Southwest Regional Office
Roach Howard Smith & Barton, Dallas, Texas
Kalmbaugh Insurance and Fraleigh & Gray Inc.
Manry & Heston
Roach Howard Smith & Barton
Blue Streak Circle of Achievement / Model Book of Business Award

In our Personal Lines programs, we look to attract and retain stable insureds who not only value service and financial security, but also strive to minimize risk. This underwriting philosophy is known as the Model Book of Business. Over the years, we've determined that the primary characteristics that help us identify Model Book business are:

  • Two people (married)
  • Two vehicles
  • Two years in present home
  • Two years on same job
  • Two years known to the agent

In general, we've found that as accounts meet this concept, we can expect a higher level of account profitability and retention, as well as lower premiums for the insured.

Introduced in 2002, the Blue Streak Circle of Achievement is presented annually to an agency within each region for exceptional performance in producing Model Book new business.

The 2015 winners are:

Central Regional Office
HTT Agency Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio
Northeast Regional Office
Tracy-Driscoll Company Bristol, Connecticut
Southeast Regional Office
Siegel Insurance, Atlanta, Georgia
Southwest Regional Office
Draxler Insurance, Sedona, Arizona
HTT Agency
Siegel Insurance
Draxler Insurance
Blue Streak Circle of Achievement / Underwriting Award

The Blue Streak Circle of Achievement Underwriting Award is presented annually to the agency within each region which achieves outstanding profitability.

The 2015 winners are:

Central Regional Office
Andres O'Neil & Lowe, Bryan, Ohio
Northeast Regional Office
Atlantic Insurance, an affiliate of Smith Brothers, Glastonbury, Connecticut
Southeast Regional Office
Breeden Insurance Services Inc., Lexington, North Carolina
Southwest Regional Office
HUB International Insurance Services Inc., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Atlantic Insurance and HUB International
Breeden Insurance Services
Blue Streak Partners Meeting

Blue Streak Partners Meetings were created for two reasons: to reward our top agencies for excellence in underwriting and profitability and to give this select group an opportunity to provide comments and suggestions about Blue Streak and other programs to Central's Personal Lines management team.

2015 participants were:

Linda Arreola, Garrett Insurance Agency, Kerrville, Texas

Erin Beals, Andres O'Neil & Lowe, Bryan, Ohio

Linda Byford, HUB International, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Betsy Calame, SeibertKeck Insurance Agency, Akron, Ohio

Brian Hester, Old National Insurance, Evansville, Indiana

Matt Hupe, Hupe Insurance Services, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Deborah Jones, Brooks Todd McNeil, Torrington, Connecticut

Crystal Metzger, Catto & Catto, San Antonio, Texas

Robin Price, Allen Tate Insurance, Charlotte, North Carolina

Jill Reichle, Manry & Heston, Atlanta, Georgia

Lisa Rhodes, Tracy-Driscoll, Bristol, Connecticut

Vickie Rivera, Focus Insurance, Houston, Texas

Sheri Wills, Centennial Insurance, Pueblo, Colorado

Blue Print Articles

Blue Print Masthead

The Blue Print is a newsletter for our Blue Streak Agents that is published semi-annually. It includes periodic updates on Company and Blue Streak results, new products, items that can be of help in risk selection, announcements of Blue Streak awards and the recipients, and questions of general interest that you may ask.

Summer 2016

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  • Central Personal Lines Welcomes...
  • Using Central's Videos to Enhance Value
  • On The Horizon: Personal Auto Enhancements
  • Safer Vehicles Lead to Higher Loss Ratios
  • Infographic: teenSMART®

February 2016

  • Spotlight on 2015 Production Leaders
  • Blue Streak Agents Named Best Practices Agencies
  • Central Hosts 37th Annual Blue Streak Seminar
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September 2015

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  • Moving in on the Millennial Market
  • Reel in More Personal Lines Customers Through the Affiliate Rating Program
  • New Discounts for Teen Drivers!

January 2015

  • Happy Birthday to Blue Streak!
  • Our Blue Streak Agencies
  • Celebrations in the Agencies
  • Celebrations at Central

August 2014

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January 2014

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  • Social Media and Your Agency
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August 2013

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January 2013

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August 2012

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January 2012

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August 2011

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January 2011

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August 2010

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January 2010

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August 2009

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January 2009

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January 2008

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July 2007

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January 2007

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July 2006

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January 2006

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July 2005

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January 2005

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  • Wimberly Elected President of Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia
  • A Look Back At 1979
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  • Bridging Update

July 2004

  • Blue Streak Hands Out Awards
  • Blue Streak Awards Photos
  • Insurance Score Information Now Available on www.central-insurance.com
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration & Reunion Draws Near!
  • Escaped Cougar Found at Blue Streak Agent's Office
  • Blue Streak Agent Receives Scholarship
Customer Outreach Program

Sample Postcard The Customer Outreach Program is an easy, effective, and affordable solution for agencies to reach out to their Central customers and increase agency retention and revenue.

Click to learn more.
  • Blue Streak Priority Service Brochure (2-7445)
  • Blue Streak Agency/Company Agreement (11-1183)
  • Blue Streak Prospect (11-1165)
  • An Introduction to Central's Blue Streak Program (11-1265)
  • Blue Streak Seal of Confidence (11-1323)
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